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On June 10, 1993, at the annual Board of Trustees meeting, the matter of a history of the Association was first discussed. It was decided to fund a brief chronicle to be published in 1996 for the 35th anniversary of MAPS. Dr Reid Hansen would chair the committee in charge of this project. The history would be based on documentation such as annual programs and minutes of Board of Trustee meetings, an interview with the founder and personal recollections by members. Letters soliciting information were sent to the membership in October/November 1993. And eight-question questionnaire was mailed in June, 1994, which specifically requested photos, anecdotes and personal commentaries. The response was very good. (The names of the respondents, with our thanks, are listed at the end of this chapter.)

Some members remembered a very little, others remembered a great deal and some younger, more recent members limited their comments to expressing their wishes for future programs.

Particularly interesting anecdotes, comments or photos were sent by Albert Cram, John Doctor, Adrian Flatt, Reid Hansen, David Hawtof, Richard Heimburger, Ian Jackson, Tottie Johnson, Tom Kendal, William LeWorthy, James Masson, Peter McKinney, Henry Onken, George Pap, Bob Parsons, Maxine and Norman Pullman, Richard Schults, William Stoneman, III, and William Webber. Our sincere thanks go to all respondents of whom I counted two presidents of the American Society of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeons: Dr. Francis X. (Sammy) Paletta (168) and Dr. Elvin Zook (1994). Responses kept coming through September, 1994.

When asked to name the person(s) they thought had made the most valuable contribution to MAPS, the most frequently mentioned name was that of the founder, Dr. Hugh A. Johnson. This is why his is the only profile included in this history. An interview with George Pap, shortly before Hugh died in July, 1992, is also included, as it has now assumed historical significance.

When asked how they benefited from the MAPS meetings, a large majority of respondents mentioned the usefulness of the Confession Sessions. This is the reason why the Saturday morning tradition is reviewed separately as, for many years, it symbolized the very essence of MAPS and one significant stylistic difference from other regional societies.

When asked to name an item they considered particularly interesting, the association's logo was mentioned by the largest number of respondents. This is, again, the reason why the logo has merited a separate page of its own.


You can view the MAPS bylaws in PDF format here: MAPS Bylaws

With Our Sincere Thanks

MAPS Members who contributed to this history

Fawzi Abu Jamra

Julian Bruner

Frank Bernard

Albert Cram

Anne Cramer

Gordon Davenport

Donald Ditmars

John Docktor

Adrian Flatt

Karin Plym Forshell

Ruedi Gingrass

Arun Gosain

Herold Griffith

Reid Hansen

David Hawtof

Paul Heath

Richard Heimburger

John Hiebert

Harold Hoops

Ian Jackson

Madeline "Tottie" (Mrs Hugh) Johnson

Timothy Jones

Christopher Kelly

Mark and Tom Kendall

Ralph Kloehn

Lucille (Mrs. Milton) Kurth

William LeWorthy

M. Vincent Makhlouf

James Masson

Mary McKenzie

Peter McKinney

Clarence Monroe

Henry Onken

Francis Paletta

George Pap

Lutti Penton

Maxine and Norman Pullman

John Rempel

Robert Russell

Larry Ruth

James Sanger

Richard Schultz

Richard Schultz

William Stoneman, III

Bert Stromberg

Conrad Tasche

Jack Teasley

William Webber

Fred Weissman

Ned Winkelman

Wilbert Wiviott

Manfred Ziessmann

Elvin Zook

Our sincere apologies if we have unintentionally omitted anyone's name


1) We often refer to members by name only, without the M.D. title. This is not out of any lack of respect, but rather to avoid distracting repetitions.

2) Without documentation, memory sometimes fails us. Before quoting a date or an anecdote supplied by a MAPS member, we have tried to verify its factual accuracy. Several tidbits and events turned out to be misplaced in time or location, even though the event itself was true. Should any incorrect date or other factual detail have slipped through our screening process unnoticed, we apologize. The total picture that emerged from these bits of information, however, is still a true profile of MAPS as it was and, in large measure, still is today.


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