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Residency Programs and Directors in the MAPS states

Here is some information on Residency Programs and Directors. Please use the links provided to learn more about each program and their leadership. You can also use this page to contact each residency Program Coordinator for more information. Their emails and phone number are provided below.

 Academic Institution  Chair or Chief                                           Program Director                                     Program Coordinator      Phone Number 

Medical College Wisconsin Robert J. Havlik, MD William W. Dzwierzynski, MD Julie Salentine 
(414) 955-1000
University of Wisconsin

Mike Bentz, MD

Brian Gander

Alyssa Schappe

(608) 262-2147


Mayo Clinic Sami Mardini, MD

Karim Bakri, MBBS

Lisa Banks

(507) 284-4068

University of Minnesota

Sayeed Ikramuddin, MD, MHA

Ashish Mahajan, MD

Kimberly Moorehead

(612) 624-4777


University of Illinois at Chicago

Mimis Cohen, MD

Mimis Cohen, MD Erin McGinn

(312) 996-9313

Loyola University

Darl Vandevender, MD

Sonya Agnew, MD

Jessica CastaƱeda

(708) 327-3041

Rush University

Amir Dorafshar, MD

Amir Dorafshar, MD

Rebecca Fessler

(312) 942-7462

University of Chicago

David Chang. MD

Ressell Reid, MD, PhD

Claire Stone

(773) 795-1240

Northwestern Medical School Gregory A Dumanian, MD Jason Ko, MD

Khristi Autajay

(312) 695-5674

Southern Illinois University

Mike Neumeister, MD Nicole Sommer, MD

Naya Jackson

(217) 545-6112


University of Iowa

Jerrod Keith, MD

Jerrod Keith, MD

Briana Horwath

(319) 678-8160



Indiana University

Gayle Gordillo, MD

William Wooden, MD

Rhonda Gerding

(317) 278-0394



University of Michigan

Paul Cederna, MD

Adeyiza Momoh, MD

Jennifer Curley

(734) 936- 8925

Spectrum Health / Michigan State University

Ewa Timek, MD Ronald D. Ford, MD

Susan Hartert

(616) 391-1909

Henry Ford Health System

Vigen Darian, MD

Vigen Darian, MD

Deshira Davis

(313) 916-6374

Detroit Medical Center/Wayne State University Program Eti Gursel, MD

Guillermina Nava, MD

Lori McParlane

(313) 745-7514

 Beaumont Farmington Hills & Royal Oak    Raymond Hajjar, DO Christopher Lumley  (947) 521-2609


University of Kansas

Richard A. Korentager, MD

James Butterworth, MBBCH

Kendra Harms

(913) 588-1058


Washington University

Justin Sacks, MD

Marissa Tenenbaum, MD

Stephanie Martino

(314) 362-8028

 Washington University  Dennis Nguyen, MD Marissa Tenenbaum, MD Stephanie Martino (314) 362-8028
University of Missouri

Stephen Colbert, MD

Stephen Colbert, MD

Denise Boland

(573) 882-2276

St. Louis University

Brian Mailey, MD

Michael Bernstein, MD

Cooper Minnis

(314) 577-8793



University of Nebraska Medical Center College of Medicine Program

Perry Johnson, MD

Shannon Wong, MD

Toni Schlotman

(402) 559-3007


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